Just few days back Galaxy S4 Zoom appeared in Bluetooth SIG filing, and now the long rumored Galaxy S4 Active has also appeared in the same place that indicates we might actually be seeing the device getting commercialized this year.

Unfortunately, he Bluetooth certification doesn’t reveal any details about the upcoming handset, except the device will have Bluetooth 4.0 on-board. In terms of rumored specifications, Galaxy S4 Active is expected to be equipped with high-resolution 1080p display and will overall be quite similar to the classic Galaxy S4.


However in a bid to compete with waterproof and dust proof capability of Xperia Z, the Active variant is ostensibly the waterproof and dust proof version of the GS4, which means you won’t have to worry about your S4 device getting “wet” anymore. The device is also rumored to release this July.

If the device ends up getting all the features included in Galaxy S4, it would be quite interesting to see show the Classic variant performs in terms of sales as the Active variant is already looking better on paper as compared with the currently present Galaxy S4. Would you buy the rugged, aka the Active variant of Galaxy S4 when it hits the shelves?

(via Sammobile)