For all the mobile data hoggers out there, you’d be happy to know that Samsung has developed a core technology of  the fifth-generation wireless network for the first time, in a bid to bring even faster data speeds than 4G networks can provide and these services will be available by 2020.

So just how fast is it going to be? Well take a look at Samsung’s statement below:-

The new wireless technology will enable customers to access a stream of data faster than the current fourth-generation network and download an entire movie in less than a second.

Does it sound a bit over exaggeration to you? Well taking into consideration the fact that users would be able to reach upload and download speeds in the tens of gigabits per second (Gbps), it’s quite possible to download a movie in such a short time. At the moment 4G offers 75 megabit upload and 299 megabit download speed and comparatively 5G networks will offer more than like 30 times the speed.

Samsung has accomplished this milestone by using 28 Gigahertz waveband and utilizing 64 antenna elements to allow a device to exchange real-time signals. This certainly is a huge step forward towards the advancement in Wireless networks and will open doors to many practical applications in the future. Is 4G LTE fast enough for you?

(via SamsungTomorrow)