Latest in the affordable/small-sized Surface tablet rumor-mill is that Microsoft will allegedly push out its second-gen Surface RT tablet with an 8-inch display, which will be powered by NVIDIA –most likely by Tegra 4 SoC– and will be launched in June carrying a price tag between $249 and $299.

The above mentioned rumors are based upon two reports released by DigiTimes that further goes on to say that, “8-inch Surface will use touch panels supplied by Samsung Electronics” and “Taiwan-based ODM Pegatron will be responsible for production”.

Today’s rumor directly concurs with previously circulated rumor, according to which the small-sized tablet would have a 7.5-inch screen and would carry a hefty price tag of $399. Also, that rumor mentioned the possibility of using either Intel’s or NVIDIA’s processor, which has ostensibly got clarified today for NVIDIA’s SoC to be used.

Up till now the only small-sized Windows 8 tablet of which price tag has been confirmed is by ASUS which will cost below $300 and taking into consideration that, today’s rumor seems to be carrying more weight as compared with the previous one in terms of price.

However, bear in mind that DigiTimes doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to leaks, so take all the information with a pinch of salt. We’ll probably know more about this situation at Microsoft’s Build Conference taking place around this June. Would you buy an 7-inch or 8-inch Surface tablet?

(via DigiTimes Report-1 , Report-2)