Introduced at this year’s CES, Dell’s ambitious project of delivering Android 4.0 (or above) on a thumb-sized PC called Project Ophelia, will be sold for no more than $100 and would ship around July.

Just to refresh your memory, this device has a length of a USB stick (picture above) and is able to connect with any display device that has a compatible HDMI port. Packed into the tiny body are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, rest of the specs are yet to be known.

It is meant to be an inexpensive alternative to tablets and PCs, as long as users’ work is confined within computing on the Web. This ultra-compact multimedia-capable will let you transform any compatible TV or monitor into a functioning interactive personal display device, TV set-top box, gaming machine etc.

Although it had been showcased at CES, Dell will demonstrate Ophelia on regular 19” computer screens and 55-inch displays next week in Los Angeles, during the international Citrix Synergy conference. As mentioned before the first units will begin shipping around July, but only to interested developers that wish to write Android applications for the device.

It’ll be available publicly somewhere in August initially through various cable companies or telecom providers and then after some time, Dell will also sell it on their official website. At the moment, Dell is working on a ways to integrate peripheral devices like a Keyboard when Ophelia is connected to a screen. Does having a thumb-sized PC in your pocket sound interesting to you?