Last month we heard rumors that Samsung is contemplating on a water-proof edition of Galaxy S4. Allegedly named Galaxy S4 Active, it also appeared on Bluetooth certification listing that further assured its existence. Today, the first-ever images of this exciting new device by Samsung has emerged, which indicates that Active will indeed be a tougher dust and water resistant version of Galaxy S4.

As you see from the image above, the added dust and water resistant features have led to a slight design change, like a few bolts on the back to tighten the handset’s seal and the addition of physical buttons as opposed to traditional capacitive keys, but overall the Active doesn’t look too dissimilar to the mainstream Galaxy S4.


Aside from the design, one of the images shows its hardware details as well. According to the above shown image, the device is running on a quad-core 1890MHz processor combined with an Adreno 320 GPU. This pretty much matches the clock speed of the regular Snapdragon 600-powered Galaxy S4, which is also clocked at 1.9 GHz.

However, previous rumors have been circulating regarding it featuring a Snapdragon S4 Pro instead of Snapdragon 600 but these high clock-rates and the presence of the latest Adreno GPU makes the possibility for a year old SoC ending up in S4 Active very unlikely.

At the moment, there’s still no official information on this smartphone regarding its specs or release date but with rising number of leaks, Samsung might break its silence on the device soon. Do you like the leaked design of Galaxy S4 Active?

(via GSMArena)