After seeing the first ever prototype of flexible OLED display by Samsung at this year’s CES, LG had been reported to be working on their version of “unbreakable” OLED displays, which would apparently commercialize as soon as end of this year. Now it turns out that all the rumors carried weight as LG has announced that in addition to the 55 inch OLED TV, it would showcase a 5-inch OLED flexible screen this week at Society for Information Display(SID) event, along with the world’s first full HD 7-inch LCD display for tablets.

At this week’s SID show in Vancouver, LG would apparently showcase its 5-inch OLED flexible screen mounted on a smartphone. However LG’s official press release doesn’t points out to any details on the device or on the flexible panel. Alongside their new bendable displays, the Korean company will also show a 5-inch panel based on the Oxide TFT technology. Apparently it has a bezel which is just one millimeter wide, allowing for the manufacturing of virtually borderless phones.


Aside from smartphones, LG would also be displaying an upcoming 7-inch tablet with Full HD resolution (~300ppi), which would be the world’s first tablet to carry such a resolution in the 7” category. Both the new 5-inch and 7-inch LCD panels, we hope we’ll see them in products by the end of 2013.

Even though LG is going to demo its prototype for flexible displays this week – something which Samsung had done nearly 5 months ago – it’s still not known when we’ll actually be seeing these products in the market. If LG doesn’t encounter production issues in flexible displays like Samsung, we might end up seeing hand-held devices with such displays by the end of this year. Are you looking forward to experience the next-gen of displays on smartphones?

(via engadget)