Google unveiled a Nexus-alike pure Android version of Galaxy S4 at this year’s I/O developer event, which would be available to buy via Google Play Store for $650 starting next month, but it looks like much of the world won’t be able to purchase that device officially.

Google has confirmed that there are no plans for the dreamy stock Android Galaxy S4 to be made available internationally and will only be offered in the United States for the time being. It’s indeed quite disappointing to learn that the device won’t be made available overseas, as one of the biggest advantages of such a device was to get universal Android updates without getting delayed due to different geographical locations.

It’s unknown at the moment why the Search giant intended to make such a move and we’ll refrain from making any assumptions at the moment until we’ve got something to move further with. However, if you’re itching to get your hands on the Google’s edition of Galaxy S4 and you’re living outside US, then you can always have your relative, friend or any contact living in the country to purchase one for you. Would you be buying the pure Android version of Galaxy S4 or do you still prefer Samsung’s version of the flagship smartphone?

(via Phonearena)