While it’s not a surprise that HTC is financially having quite a very hard time due to it not being able to compete with smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, it appears that the management team of the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is becoming a headache as well. Today we have learned that HTC’s Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera, left the company last week, and that the smartphone manufacturer is facing a bout of resignations.

In the past three months or so, HTC has lost of number of key employees to some of its competitors. According to insiders of The Verge, following is what the X-employees have to say about the company:-

Anyone who’s heard of them in Seattle doesn’t want to go work for them right now. They’re like T-Mobile two years ago. They’re in utter freefall.

Another X-employee took his frustration on Twitter, advising his friends to quit HTC.


A few other sources have suggested that many of the company’s issues stems from the top. Some believe that Peter Chou, HTC’s co-founder and CEO, fails to make long term plan for the company as he opts to take snap decisions. Also, word has it that the HTC staff warned CEO Peter Chou of supply and manufacturing delays months before the One was to launch but he didn’t take notice due to which HTC One experienced low number of sales. Even though HTC One’s production issues are fixed, rumor has it that Chou would resign if HTC One sales don’t meet the company’s expectations.

Alongside offering the attractive HTC One this year, HTC took a stab at the entry-level smartphone category with HTC First that incorporated Facebook Home but is now rumored to discontinue due to poor sales.  Even though financially the company looks relatively stable for now, judging by the disastrous First there doesn’t appear to be a strong sense of direction for future products.

However, with devices like HTC One, things are look considerably better in terms of sales for the company but certainly it’s not enough to being a top dog in the smartphone world, despite the high quality of its handsets. Perhaps it’s time for a change in management for the company to have fresh prospective, so that it has a shot at recovery.