Up till now there had been a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of Apple introducing a fingerprint scanner on the upcoming iPhone 5S, but it seems like the Fruit giant isn’t the only one working on such technology as Samsung is rumored to be working on similar security tech for its future smartphone as well.

The rumor got sparked by a series of images that were received by SamMobile in an email earlier today. The images where allegedly ripped from a leaked firmware build for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Following are the various pictures showing fingerprints and related imagery.


By the looks of it, it certainly seems like the Korean conglomerate has been testing on some kind of fingerprint tech and if it’s really taken from leaked Galaxy S3 firmware, it’s quite possible that they have been working on a prototype for quite a long time.

If Samsung is really serious regarding this tech, we could possibly be seeing this feature incorporated in the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 as phablets are quite popular among business users. However it’s still quite premature to say that this kind of tech will land this year as we haven’t heard anything regarding it from any supply chain sources or from anyone’s insiders yet.

Keep in mind that these images are the only ‘evidence’ we have of such a move, so take this all with a grain of salt. Do you think such feature would truly be a game-changing feature or just another gimmick?

(via Sammobile)