After taking a jab at Apple’s iPhone to promote Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung has opted for a clever way of advertising to show of its latest flagship smartphone, which doesn’t involve making fun its competitors.

Teaming up with Swiss carrier Swisscom, Samsung hosted a very unique contest based on Galaxy S4’s Smart Stay feature at the railroad station at Zurich, which required participants to stare at the Galaxy S4 for 60 minutes straight in order to win it.

It might seem quite simple at first but Samsung made the challenge quite hard by making sure to distract the contestants as much as possible. In addition to the contestants standing on their feet and burning their eyes for an hour, they were forced to bear pressure of dozens of people watching and rooting for the competitors, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

To make things interesting, the challenge was made harder by the inclusion of distractions like couples fighting with each other, stunt motorcyclist crashing their bikes into the stall, barking German shepherds and even a hotdog set on fire!

Take a look at that action-packed video below:-

The competition isn’t over yet, it will continue in three more locations in Switzerland – Lucerne, Schwanenplatz on May 28, Berne, Waisenhausplatz on May 29, and Lausanne Place de l’Europe, on May 30. With such popularity of the contest, it’d be fun to see this kind of competition making its way to more countries as well. Would you be able to survive the competition for 60 minutes to win the Galaxy S4?

(via PhoneArena)