We’ve seen a Galaxy S3 user before who claimed that his smartphone went into flames, due to which Samsung decided to intervene in the case, but later on it turned out to be a hoax as the guy had actually microwaved his smartphone in attempts to get coverage for his water-damaged Galaxy S3.

Today, a similar case has emerged yet again where a Samsung Galaxy S III owner claims that the handset exploded while he was asleep and the smartphone was charging. To control the situation, he dampened a glass of water on it, but not before the phone allegedly grew hot enough to burn his mattress cover. Take a look at the device’s swelled up battery below:-

GS3 battery

Furthermore, he adds that his Galaxy S3 device hadn’t installed any Custom ROM, nor it was rooted. This isn’t the first time we’re seeing Li-ion batteries getting documented to cause a lot of problem. Earlier this year, a user’s iPhone 4S combusted in a similar fashion as well, but the Fruit giant dodged the bullet by maintaining silence over the issue.

At the moment, the former user of Galaxy S3 is looking for ways to get Samsung on board to get the situation fixed. Knowing now regarding this incident, would you sleep with the charger connected to your phone throughout the night?