Several rumors regarding the “Google Edition” of HTC One have made rounds up till now and today, Google’s Android Head, Sundar Pichai, has laid rest to all the speculations by officially announcing the long rumored Pure Android version of HTC One.

Yup you read it right, despite the fact that HTC refuted the rumors that emerged right after the announcement of Galaxy S4’s Google Edition, quite unexpectedly during the D11 conference held today in Los Angeles, Android boss Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of “HTC One” with Nexus User Experience.


Whereas the specs of the device are concerned, it comes equipped with the same set of hardware that we saw on HTC One but now runs stock Android 4.2.2 AOSP instead of HTC’s sense features. Also, talking with AndroidPolice, HTC officials confirmed that many of their Sense-related features found on HTC One won’t be present on the Pure Android version of HTC One.

The features absent on the Google edition of  HTC One includes the absence of native HTC camera features such as zoe, the IR blaster is also gone as well and there’s no longer the Beats Audio mode software. As for the price of the device, it’ll carry a price-tag of $599 for the 32GB version, which is $50 cheaper than the similar Samsung S4’s Pure Android version. Would you be buying the Google’s Edition of HTC One when it hit the shelves?

(via PhoneArena)