Earlier this week, LG Mobile Europe vice president, Kim Wong, spilled the beans regarding LG’s plans for the future during an interview, in which he led most of the web to believe that LG isn’t working on a Nexus 5 right now, but that they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity in the future.

While we finally got some closure on the matter, quite surprisingly the rumor mill hasn’t stepped back from its stance regarding the existence of Nexus 5, as the latest word on the street is that LG is actively working on the Nexus 5, regardless of what we’ve heard.

Today’s rumor comes from Korean site, which reports that the next-gen Nexus has secretly been in testing inside of LG for about a month under strict security conditions. Outside of those working closely with the device, apparently Larry Page is the only person to have seen the Nexus 5 prototype.

Under normal circumstances, we would have not paid heed to this matter but the unexpected announcement of HTC One with Nexus Experience –despite its rumors had been refuted by the company- has led us to take interest in Nexus 5 and besides, LG hasn’t denied interest in making another Nexus device so it’s quite possible for them to keep this project under the wraps for some reason.

At the moment it’s quite premature to say anything regarding LG’s involvement in the Nexus lineup of smartphones. But if it’s true, would you be looking forward to an LG Nexus device or rather opt for similar version of HTC One or Galaxy S4?

(via UnwiredReview)